Is facial hair the latest accessory?

03 February 2014

Is facial hair the latest accessory?

We can advise you on the right belt, tie and shoes to wear with your suit, but it would seem that many UK men are far more concerned about facial hair, these days. Since Gary Barlow started showcasing his impressive beard each year and Brad Pitt embraced a more ‘natural’ look, the country’s men have become obsessed with growing the perfect beard. There’s no denying that a smartly trimmed beard really sets a tailored suit off, but what lengths would you go to get it?

According to new research, the number of men opting for a beard transplant has increased dramatically over the last year, rising by 13 per cent. The procedure usually involves only patching up areas where the beard might be thinning or failing to grow, rather than transplanting an entire beard, but still requires a general anaesthetic. While the demand for a beard transplant is now surpassing that of rhinoplasty, the results are likely to be lost of many women, with two thirds of women admitting that they prefer the ‘clean-shaven’ look.

At Hemingway Tailors, we believe that any man, with the right assistance, can look good in a tailored or bespoke suit, whether they are clean-shaven or boast a full beard. Both looks can promote a smart, stylish man, as long as you have the right suit and accessories to match. Take our advice from our blog or get in touch with one of our expert tailors and let us work together to create you one killer suit.