Is David Dickinson a trendsetter?

03 February 2014

The recent heat wave has meant lighter clothes and adapting our usual outfits to be more summer friendly. The heat has also caused  David Dickinson to wear one of his most controversial outfits to date. Dickenson’s short sleeved ‘70s safari-styled suit certainly caused a stir as he attempted to beat the heat in London, so we ask the question - is it ever okay to adapt a suit to suit your needs?

The Italians are renowned for wearing a full suit whatever the weather, so it seems that Mr. Dickinson doesn’t really have any excuse to be wearing a short-sleeved suit – unless it’s in the name of fashion of course! Women have worn short sleeved suits since the ‘80s, so it’s not really any surprise that in this age of ‘anything goes’, short sleeved suits are now being designed for men.

The Milan menswear show saw men parading down the catwalk in short sleeved suit jackets teamed with suit shorts and loafers, a look that did not receive fantastic press. But is this a look that will eventually become taboo? We’re not entirely sure how we feel about it, especially since the likes of David Dickinson are already donning it, but as long as it’s still tailored, we don’t mind...