How to wear summer colours in winter weather

15 November 2019
How to wear summer colours in winter weather

Summer colours are proving to be this season's most unexpected wardrobe essential. What's unexpected about it? After all, it's not usually a winter wardrobe staple. But this winter, fashionistas have started to incorporate warm colours, during cold seasons, using them in inventive ways.

Hemingway Tailoring want you to stay on top of this trend, which is why we have listed the ways in which you can incorporate warmer colours into your outfit, without looking like Santa Claus himself. 



Try darker shades of warmer colours

When the world around you is in a constant pale grey setting, it can be a bold move to wear something bright and warm to counteract with that. If you want to wear a warmer shade but are afraid of drawing too much attention to yourself, try wearing warmer colours in darker tones. 

Darker variations of warm colours (red, orange and yellow) such as burgundy, brown and gold look sharp in a winter season. Dark berry colours such as burgundy and plum are perfect wardrobe colours for the cusp of changing seasons. Earthy colours such as brown, bring warm natural shades to your wardrobe, whilst golden pieces of attire are synonymous with the holiday season and will instantly bring a sense of festive cheer.


Incorporate colours in your patterns

If you don’t want to wear a full-on yellow suit to work in winter, you could add a dash of pigment to your clothing through the patterns you wear. For example, complementing a grey checked suit with a bright yellow thread in between. 

Paisley shirts are ideal for incorporating colour; conventional winter colours can be contrasted with a warm-coloured twisted teardrop. For subtle hints of colour; wear a polka-dot shirt, with warm coloured spots. 


Inject colours in your accessories

In winter, most people tend to stick to a blander colour palette. So, wearing warmer colours is one way to set you apart from the rest. If you live closer to the poles, during colder seasons, you are going to receive fewer hours of sun. Psychologically, people are drawn to warmer colours, as it strikes the resemblance of heat. With that in mind, when warmer shades are incorporated into outfits, it’s a natural response for people to observe them. 

Pairing a cold, neutral coloured suit with a warm coloured tie, hat, scarves or shoes is a great way of accentuating a strong accessory.

Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors