How to pair and wear neutral coloured clothing

15 October 2019
How to pair and wear neutral coloured clothing

An all neutral-coloured outfit is hard to pull off by anyone’s standards, it doesn’t matter if you look like David Gandy, if you don’t master the fair colours in your formalwear, you can end up looking like a fashion amateur. 

When the weather gets cooler it can be easy to match the weather with dark clothing, but it’s time to be adventurous this autumn by developing your wardrobe colour palette. 

It’s a daunting affair combining only neutrals for one outfit, to help, Hemingway have created a how-to guide. 

What colours can be described as ‘neutral’?

Neutral colours are just the lighter versions of any colour - however, they can be categorised into warm or cool variants.

An easy way to categorise a colour is by visualising its undertone, if the colour looks like it has been mixed with blue or black, it usually falls under the cool variant. Likewise, if a colour looks like it has a red or yellow undertone you can be safe in assuming the colour belongs to a warm variant. 

Warm neutral coloured pieces of apparel which complement one another are jackets, shirts and trousers shaded in tan, taupe, beige, ivory, khaki, or other similar shades of brown. 

By contrast, cool neutral clothing varying in colours such as grey, white and light blue are complementary in a three-piece suit. 

How to match your tone

Now you know which colours complement each other, you need to know which colours will complement you. Often, gentlemen with a light cool skin tone are enriched by wearing neutrals such as pink, yellow, brown and peach as it adds a little warmth to a cool, pale complexion

If you’re blessed with a natural olive skin tone, lighter neutral tones of brown, grey, khaki and blue should be your go-to colours. To complement a darker skin tone with a neutral suit, consider acing greys, whites and silver shades. 

Which colours are a no-no?

Pairing and wearing neutrals is a surprisingly bold move, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hemingway would suggest picking colours within each warm or cool category as a mix can create an outfit ‘clash’.

Keeping the tonal range limited is important, however, the wearer should ensure there is enough contrast that the outfit doesn’t blend into a one-piece. 

Don’t pick the same colour for each piece of your outfit, but if you have to, make sure the colours are differing in shades or textures. 

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Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors