How to pack for a business trip

27 September 2019

The stresses of a business trip shouldn’t occur before the journey has even taken place. When you have so many other work-related-tasks at hand, packing a suitable wardrobe shouldn’t be included in your list of worries. 

For a short business trip, it can be hard to choose outfits suitable for the entirety of your business trip, especially when the space in your luggage is precious. This is why Hemingway are on hand to help you prioritise the essentials. 


The hardest part of choosing what to bring on your business trip, is choosing what should hold all your specifically picked pieces. A small carry-on is ideal for most trips lasting a few days - both in the UK and abroad. For any longer periods of time, Hemingway would suggest choosing a suitcase. Remember the objective is to pack light and business appropriate: a few versatile pieces rather than a different outfit for every occasion.

Hemingway would recommend a classic holdall, made of leather in a classic colour such as black, grey or brown - that way it can be teamed with both your business and casual wear. 


Black dress shoe

It doesn’t matter if they’re styled as Brogues, Monkstraps, Derbies or most commonly Oxfords, if they’re leather and black, chances are they’re going to complement the majority of formalwear. 

The black dress shoe is a timeless classic unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. Not only are they comfortable to wear, they can be worn everyday without judgement and suit all formal and business occasions. Having one or two pairs of black dress shoes are a staple for any business trips and should be included in your luggage too. 

An array of ties

When suitcase space is limited there are only a few ways you can choose to accessorise. Fortunately, ties, due to their size can be packed in abundance. 

Hemingway would recommend investing in quality accessories, whilst keeping in mind how they will look with the rest of your outfits. 

We would recommend picking a mix of smart plain and printed ties to vary your outfits even if the rest of the attire has to be repeated. This gives the illusion of a change of outfit. A sharp tie can also add a bold touch to any outfit.

Discover some of our classic and bold printed ties.



Like a tie, cufflinks only take up a small amount of space in your luggage and you can choose to pack an ample supply. Cufflinks are also a smart but simple way of accessorising formalwear. 

Hemingway’s range of stylish silver or silk knot cufflinks can provide the perfect finishing touch to a beautifully tailored shirt. With a variety of shapes, styles and colours you can smartly accessorise to create a coordinated look.


Weather appropriate overcoat

When business tripping in the UK or an equally cold country, it’s important that you look smart but are dressed appropriately and consider the weather. It’s key that your chosen three-piece suit is teamed with a practical-yet-stylish coat. 

Choosing a colour which will complement an array of outfits is the best way to remain practical. Hemingway would recommend a staple black, brown or grey overcoat but only if that is a colour that would flatter the rest of the items in your skilfully-chosen luggage. 

Visit in store to receive a tailored consultation on how to dress appropriately and efficiently for your business trip. To submit an enquiry or to arrange an appointment with one of our tailors please call us on 0800 5423406. 

Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors