How to accessorise with a belt

23 March 2020
How to accessorise with a belt
It’s not the first accessory you think of when putting together an outfit, but we can assure you, a belt is one of the first accessories that catches a person’s eye.

A belt has the ability to subtly highlight a man’s sense of style or emphasise an unforgivable lack of one. Whether it’s leather, suede or a mix of both, a belt is not only a practical accessory for keeping your trousers in place, it can also add a finishing touch to any formal outfit.

However, the type of belt you choose for your outfit all depends on the occasion. Hemingway has put together a style guide to help you accessorise your belt accordingly.

Match the colour of your shoes and belt

It’s a rule generally followed by all gentlemen, an unwritten law we all keep in mind when accessorising an outfit. Yes, it’s matching the colour and material of your shoes to your belt. Typically, if your shoes and belt are drastically opposing, the less stylish you are going to appear.

It’s simple really, if you are wearing black shoes, team them with a charcoal-coloured strap. Likewise, if you’re wearing a brown, tan or oxblood belt, it’s only right that they are paired with shoes with a matching colour.

When to wear leather

At Hemingway, we believe you can’t go wrong wearing leather. For a smart occasion, we would always recommend choosing a leather belt, although, it is a material perfect for belts belonging to any outfit.

A dark leather belt, such as black and brown are the most traditional colours for dress belts. But if you do own a lighter variation, Hemingway would recommend pairing it with a smart-casual outfit.

Are you swayed on suede?

Suede is the perfect material for those middle months. From April to August, suede is a trend that stays in those seasons. And the great thing is, you can never have enough suede accessories. From jackets to boots, hats to a belt, suede is a material that can be layered with others.

Hemingway would recommend pairing a suede belt with a smart casual outfit; it’s also a material best kept in tan.

Summer stylin’

Summer is not far away and it is time to start thinking about the outfits and accessories you’re going to wear in 2020’s warmer months. If you are attempting a smart casual look this summer aka a smart rolled trouser with a t-shirt tucked in, your belt will be the centrepiece of your outfit, so it’s important you’re making the right statement.

Lighter coloured belts are ideal for summer and perfect for a smart casual ‘look’, choose a belt of any material (other than fabric!) and stick to tan, navy, grey or white for summer.

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Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors