Groomsmen's Wedding Suits: How to Add Personality and Flair

09 March 2018
Groomsmen's Wedding Suits: How to Add Personality and Flair
Your wedding is the one occasion in your life that you must look your best for. Whether you’re having a very formal event and require a three-piece suit or are going for a more relaxed approach and want to wear a jacket and trouser, what you wear should make you feel and look your very best and should reflect your own style and personality.
Many grooms can be tempted to hire their weddings suits, especially if budget is a concern or they feel that they are rarely going to wear something formal again.  Whilst hire is a credible option, it does have its downsides. Hired suits aren’t unique to you and the quality isn’t always the best. They rarely fit right – which is the key factor to looking good – and do you really want to wear something that lots of other people have worn before to such a special event?
Having a made-to-measure or bespoke wedding suit created by an experienced tailor may to some seem like a lavish expense but in comparison, the price difference is not as much as you might first think. A tailored suit is designed to your exact specifications so not only will it be a perfect fit, but it can be created to reflect your individual personality and flair. It can also be designed to fit with the details of your wedding, matching to colour schemes or other key styling elements and made from fabric weights suitable for the time of year.
Best of all it’s yours forever, so it’s an investment for all those business meetings and special events that you’ll attend long after the wedding, and with some discrete stitching of your initials and the date woven into the fabric it will always be a constant reminder of your wedding day (that’s one anniversary you’ll never forget!)
Master Tailor, Toby Luper of Hemingway Tailors talks us through the individual elements of wedding suits and how they can be used to inject your own stamp on the day:
Use fabrics to create something truly distinct

With hundreds of cloths from the world’s finest mills to choose from, your choice of fabric will really enable you to create something truly individual and sartorially superb. Whether you are looking for a luxurious solid colour to provide an elegant backdrop to your shirt and accessories or favour an edgy check material that suits your everyday style, there are endless possibilities for you to choose from. You can also select fabrics suitable to the time of year so perhaps a heavier weight wool or flannel for winter weddings or for grooms tying the knot abroad, something in a lightweight high twist yarn fabric to keep you cool and virtually crease free. For a beach wedding fabric such as linen or cotton are the perfect choice to complement the more relaxed atmosphere.
Consider the importance of the perfect cut and fit
You should never underestimate how important the cut and fit of a suit is and the overall effect it has on the final look. With a tailor made suit, each pattern is produced and cut individually by hand resulting in the perfect fit to flatter your shape and size.  No matter how much you spend on a suit, if it doesn’t fit properly you won’t look as sharp and stylish as you had imagined.
Play around with lapels and collars
Lapels fall into three categories – shawl, notch and peak and the width of each can be easily altered to suit your taste and style. Stylish Nehru collars are also worth considering and bring an Asian influence on a suit. Whilst there are no set rules as to which collar you should choose, an experienced tailor can advise you on the type of collar that you should opt for whether you are going for a traditional, timeless look or are hoping to create something more in line with current trends.

Have fun and inject some colour with linings
Linings are a great way to add something different to your wedding suit.  The choice of coloured linings is endless, and you can easily choose something to match the bridesmaid’s dresses or the colour scheme of the day.  Alternatively, there are also a wide variety of patterns and funky print lining fabrics that you can select to add that real touch of personality. Many of our grooms have reported on the compliments that they have received for their lining choices and have loved to show them off!
Waistcoats won’t just slim you down
It’s true that a good fitting waistcoat will do wonders to help you appear slimmer and tidy up the top half of your look, but it is also a real style piece. If you’re simply a fan of the waistcoat or are trying to achieve a more formal look, then you won’t go wrong with either a single breasted or double breasted style.  Keep it modern by using the same fabric as your suit and use other style configurations such as collar and lapel size, pocket configurations or buttons to inject some flair. 
Stitching can do more than just hold it all together
For a real show of luxury make sure you ask your tailor for a stylish pick stich along the lapel and pockets of your bespoke suit. This should be done in a co-ordinating colour to match the fabric and is a classic indicator to those in the know that you are wearing a truly luxury garment. Coloured button holes are also a popular way of using stitching to add something different to a jacket and are commonly done to match linings or accessories.
A crisp cotton shirt is a must
White or cream coloured shirts are always a popular choice for weddings, providing a blank canvas to set off the rest of your chosen outfit.  That said a coloured or even patterned shirt is a great way to inject some personality into your wedding ensemble and show off your true style.  Always opt for a soft 100% cotton shirt which will provide optimum comfort throughout the day.  At Hemingway we can provide you with luxurious ready to wear shirts, uniquely designed made to order shirts and individually measured fully bespoke shirts for the ultimate in personalisation. 
Invest in a silk tie and pocket square – A beautiful silk tie or cravat is the perfect finishing touch to a wedding suit and again is a great way to tie the suit into the colour scheme of the day. Silk pocket squares have also had a real come back in recent years and are a popular choice for most grooms to reflect their own personality.  Many opt to co-ordinate pocket squares with ties, but a well-chosen contrast can also work well.  From plains to paisleys the choice is vast.
Take the opportunity to personalise your suit
Monogramming is huge these days and is a great way to add that final personal touch. Have your names or initials discretely stitched into the lining or perhaps include a monogram with your names and the date of your wedding.
Don’t forget your cufflinks
From simple silk knots to those made from semi-precious stones, cufflinks are an important addition to your wedding day outfit.  We love these silver mother of pearl cufflinks available from our online store.
If you would like to learn more about Hemingway’s tailoring service and how we can help you to create the most impressive outfit for your special day service please contact us to arrange a free consultation.
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors