Feminine formalwear: three ways to wear a tailored suit

10 July 2014

An increasing number of celebrities and style icons are working to prove that a tailored suit can look just as good on a woman as it can on a man, and that it can offer as much versatility as any other outfit in your wardrobe. Most women who own a tailored suit will reserve it for work wear and would never think of wearing it outside of the office, but as we’ve seen on the catwalks, the tailored suit is no longer expected to be worn only in the boardroom. Now it is a fashion statement and trend that can be worn anywhere, from the red carpet to dinner – you just need to know how to style it. Here are just three ways to wear your tailored suit…

The trouser suit

The best thing about getting your suit tailored bespoke or made-to-measure is that you get to pick the style of fit you want, and when it comes to wearing a trouser suit, getting the fit right is crucial. If you’d prefer to wear a flared trouser, which can work great with a fitted jacket and a pair of sky-high heels or wedges, you need to ensure the length of the trouser is just right. If you’re planning on going for the full works, here are some top tips to bear in mind:

  • A silk shirt will help you to create a feminine yet formal look
  • Always tuck your shirt in and wear a thin, plain belt
  • Wear the shoes you’re most likely to wear with the suit when having your trousers tailored
  • Your shirt and jacket should both be fitted
  • Accessorise with a statement necklace

The pencil dress

One of the best things about a tailored suit is that you can use it to mix and match outfits. For example, a pencil dress that you might want to wear out for dinner later in the evening but you consider to be too dressy for work can be smartened up simply by combining it with your suit jacket. With a black or nude heel and your suit jacket either buttoned up or simply worn loose, your pencil dress can actually become ideal workwear and is perfect for when you’re rushing straight out after work. Here are some tips for trying this look: 

  • Don’t be afraid of wearing a bold coloured dress to work with a dark jacket to tone it down
  • The dress can only be work-appropriate if the hemline is to the knee, anything higher would be inappropriate
  • Matching the jackets to the shoes would be ideal, but if not possible, always go for black or nude
  • If the neckline of the dress is low, do up the jacket and try a neck scarf to make it more suitable for work

The skirt suit

Wearing a skirt instead of trousers with your suit jacket can instantly create a formal yet feminine look, but the skirt must be the right length and fit in order to work. Skirts should really be fitted to help flatter your figure and heels will always help to lengthen the leg. The colour of the skirt should match the jacket and be of the same material and texture in order to create a smart outfit that looks complete.

  • Don’t attempt a skirt any shorter than just above the knee
  • Accessorise with jewellery
  • High-waisted skirts look best and help to emphasise your shape
  • Experiment with pastel coloured shirts and various textures
  • Always wear a heel

If you’re keen to experiment with your formal wear and try out a few different looks for the office, start by investing in a well-made tailored suit. Why not get in touch with one of the professional tailors at Hemingway and book your first appointment today?