A formal fashion Survival guide – Autumn & winter essentials

16 September 2016
A formal fashion Survival guide – Autumn & winter essentials
As we enter the final quarter of the year it’s time to start considering those autumn/winter looks. The days will be getting shorter and the weather undoubtedly greyer and colder – but looking your very best shouldn’t be compromised.

So, here’s our survival guide which will have you looking great and feeling comfortable all the way in to 2017.

Battling the cold with class

While wintery evenings can be somewhat cosy indoors, those bitterly cold morning aren’t kind to anyone so combating the weather with your outfits is crucial. We’ve looked at 4 ways you can stay warm and still look great below.

Don an overcoat

An overcoat is ideal for the winter and offer’s a great addition to a suit to help keep you warm while maintaining a smart/formal look. Overcoats are available in a number of styles which include single and double breast choices.

The fit of an overcoat can be tricky as they need to be spacious enough to fit comfortably over a full suit while being fitted enough to not leave you drowned in it. A great solution to overcome this is to opt for a custom made overcoat or have a ready-made overcoat tailored.

Layer up

Layering up is effective in not only keeping yourself warm but also adding an extra bit of character to your look. Layering up is a great tactic as it helps to ease you through the transitional period where the morning are cold but temperature is warmer for the rest of the day.

You can layer up with the likes of an undershirt, jumper and overcoat as mentioned above but be warned to not get too carried away. You might regret layering up too heavily if you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time indoors.

Add a hat, a scarf, or pair of gloves

The addition of winter accessories can really offer a classy touch to your look – however it needs to be done tastefully. This means opting for gloves which aren’t too bold, black or brown will suffice, and wrapping a scarf which isn’t too bold in its design and distracting from your actual outfit.

While scarves and gloves make for pretty straight forward additions to your look, hats are very much influenced by an individual’s taste and how comfortable they are wearing one. Traditionally, crowned hats (such as bowler hats and fedoras) are considered to be the dressier and more formal option than soft-top hats (such as flat caps) which is worth keeping in mind. Granted it can be difficult to find a hat which suits a formal style and is practical in the winter but a small degree of head coverage is better than none right?

Suit up in the right material

If you don’t quite fancy layering up or covering your suit with an overcoat then be sure to wear suits made from fabrics appropriate for the temperature. For instance tweed makes for a great material choice for the winter as it is considerably thicker, and thus warmer, than the likes of linen and fresco wool.

That should set you on your way to staying comfortably warm without compromising on your look for the coming months – leaving you set to see in 2017 in style.

Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
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