7 ways to stay warm in classic menswear 

12 September 2019

In the past week, our short-but-sweet summer came to close and the temperature well and truly dropped. Collectively, the general public realised it was time to close the wardrobe full of summer clothing and start investing in warmer apparel.

It’s a hard task trying to stay stylish whilst considering the weather, but Hemingway has produced a guide to help transition your wardrobe to the autumnal season. 

Heavyweight suit jacket

At Hemingway, we are renowned for our made-to-measure suits and bespoke tailoring, but we also provide tailored jackets that are custom designed to your choice of material, fit and length. At this time of year, it’s not unusual for our customers to ask for thicker and heavier-weighted materials to stay warmer during the season change. 

Often, it is a preference to wear a suit jacket instead of an overcoat, so you must have a well-insulated jacket as to not feel the prevailing winter chill. 

Not only would our made-to-measure jacket keep you warm, but it’s also a sure-fire way of finding a piece of apparel that flatters your frame, enhances your best features and fits perfectly every time.


Switch from shirt to polo neck

It’s a classic look that returns each year and it’s no surprise as to why: the polo-neck-suit-combination is a stylish and timeless look and more importantly, it’s an easy way to stay warmer during the cooler months.

Whilst the weather hasn’t quite reached freezing point yet, it is still important to consider the dropping temperature for the upcoming weeks. Fortunately, a polo neck can be teamed with ample clothing layers - partnered with a strong overcoat and dinner jacket or even a flannel shirt or leather jacket for a casual yet contemporary look. 

When choosing colours: a neutral palate is a reliable choice, a bold way to liven up this up however, is to contrast your polo with your tailored jacket; this is a classic way to stay looking sharp. 

Pay attention to fabrics

A change in attire doesn’t have to be such a drastic affair, a simple way of staying warmer in the colder months is to switch up the fabrics worn by choosing heavier weighted shirts and thicker lined jackets. Nature’s insulator wool is a staple choice as the material is organically constructed to protect from the seasons. 

Hemingway has a range of materials at the ready for October, our most popular being Cashmere, Lambswool, Tweeds including Cheviots, Saxony and a great range of heavy Sporting tweeds, Harris Tweed, Wool/Silk/Cashmere mixes and Tattersall Checks.


Switch from shoe to boot

It’s a common assumption that only a dress shoe can be partnered with a suit, but there are a whole host of alternative footwear options available, including Chelsea boots, brogue boots and derby boots which are ideal for the colder weather, especially when the October showers hit. 

Not only do they keep your feet protected, but they also offer a smart look which can be teamed with a thick, insulated pair of socks. 

Invest in a winter coat

The most important way to maintain steady body temperature and protecting yourself from the seasons is through purchasing a high-quality overcoat. 

A quality overcoat can last for several years so it’s definitely an invaluable investment. As an overcoat can be a costly purchase, choosing a colour which will complement an array of outfits is the best way to get your money’s worth. Hemingway would recommend a staple black, brown or grey overcoat but only if that is a colour that would flatter the rest of your wardrobe.

Match your suit with sharp accessories 

An uncomplicated way of keeping warm is through acquiring accessories. Whilst hats, scarves and gloves can seem a daunting change for those who aren’t used to sporting them, when properly styled they can add to the essence of an outfit and more importantly, keep you insulated. 

Hemingway would recommend investing in quality accessories, whilst keeping in mind how they will look with the rest of your outfits. 

Like a winter coat, we would recommend picking earthy, neutral colours to add an elegant touch to your outfit.


Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors