5 signs you’re in need of a personal stylist

26 August 2016
5 signs you’re in need of a personal stylist
Fashion is an ever changing landscape with new colours and styles constantly flowing in and out of what’s considered to be in vogue. Looking “good” often requires knowing what the current trend is and dressing appropriately for your body shape and size. However, many people don’t have the time or required interest to keep up to date with the latest trends and as a result find that their own looks leave a fair bit to be desired.

While many people want to look good, some people’s busy lives mean they’re unaware that they could do with a helping hand to get them looking every bit as good as they can. Here are 5 signs which might just indicate that you need a personal stylist to fix your wardrobe.

Feel like you have nothing to wear

If every morning plays out with you opening your wardrobe and standing there staring at a row of clothes yet still feeling like you have nothing to wear, then yes, chances are you need a hand in buying the right clothes. A personal stylist can help to find clothing which is versatile in its nature, allowing them to be paired up with numerous pieces of clothing to create alternate looks. This is ideal for those people who run out of ideas when trying to put together an outfit.

Have clothes you’ve only worn on the odd occasion

Clothes that have only been worn on the rare occasion usually fall into either one of 2 categories. The first one is that they’re loved so much that they are kept solely for special occasions, and the second is much the opposite, they’ve been worn once and fallen out of favour. If you’re scarcely worn outfits have barely seen the light of day due to the latter, then it’s fair to say that you’ve probably not bought too wisely. Having a personal stylist reduces impulse purchases which are usually the ones that get left behind in the wardrobe to collect dust.

You value the importance of first impressions

Regardless of whether you’re dressing up for a business meeting, date or just a social gathering, if you value the fact that first impressions are crucial then you should also value the need to look good in what you wear. However knowing you want to look good and piecing together an outfit are two completely different things.
While some people can effortlessly bring their ideas to life, others simply can’t manage it as naturally. Add to this the fact that dressing for a social outing with friends requires a completely different look to a business meeting and you’ll soon realise that you’ll have a number of different looks you need to master. Thankfully personal stylists are capable of catering for a range of looks which will ensure you have something in your wardrobe to look the part for any given occasion.

Suffer from wardrobe envy

Only you know this, but if you are one of those people who have experienced wardrobe envy then there’s a good chance it’s as a result of your own wardrobe lacking in your desired style. A personal stylist can help to eradicate this issue by ensuring your wardrobe is stocked with clothing that you not only like but is also in style – and on the rare occasion when that wardrobe envy does return, you can simply have a personal stylist help you recreate the look.

Clothes don’t fit right

It’s not all about the colours and design of your outfit which dictates how you look. The fit of your clothing also plays a major role. As we often distinguish suits which are tailored, they can completely transform the way a person looks purely with the way they fit the body compared to an off the rack suit. People come in all shapes and sizes and so clothes which are tailored are among the few which you can be rest assured about fitting you well on a consistent basis. A personal stylist can however help to ensure that the clothes you do opt for, whether they’re tailored or not, are best suited to flatter your body.

If any of these signs relate to you then you might want sharpening up your look with the help of a personal stylist.

Abbas Mahmood
Abbas Mahmood
As a lifelong purveyor of fashion, Abbas has been writing for Hemingway Tailors for 2 years, keeping readers up to date with style trends and delivering a regular insight into the world of tailoring.
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