5 Fashion Highlights From The Oscars 2016

03 March 2016
5 Fashion Highlights From The Oscars 2016

While Leonardo DiCaprio’s long overdue Oscar’s triumph may have stolen all of the headlines, we couldn’t let the show pass by without taking a look at the some of the fashion successes (and odd failures) which were witnessed on the red carpet.

Well fitted suits – Leonardo DiCaprio & Sam Smith

It’s only right for us to start this blog with the man of the moment, Leonardo DiCaprio. He must have been expecting to finally capture his first Oscar as he rolled up to the red carpet in a wonderfully fitted made-to-measure Armani suit (all images can be viewed below). At Hemingway we’re always stressing on the importance of having a well fitted suit to really offer you the best possible look and Leo’s two-piece dinner suit was a fine demonstration of this.

We also saw Sam Smith show that slim is certainly still in. While more regular fitted suits seem to be making their mark, Smith’s slim fitted suit was a welcomed sight. If you are on the skinnier side then don’t be afraid to opt for a more fitted suit as they look set to remain in vogue this year.

Accessories - Tom Hardy & Jacob Tremblay

As mentioned above, when it comes to suit wearing we often pay special attention to the importance of a great fit. However completing the look also involves the inclusion of much needed accessories which should be tastefully added to your outfit. Our favourites from this year’s Academy Awards Show were those shown off by Tom Hardy and Jacob Tremblay.

Both stars managed to express a bit of character with the addition of their accessories, however they did so in 2 very different ways. Tom Hardy opted for a smooth and suave look with black aviators, a pocket chain and a black time piece which sat fittingly alongside his three piece suit. His all black accessories fell perfectly in line with his overall look.

Young Jacob Tremblay on the other hand appeared to still be reeling from the hype of the Star Wars movie with his accessories featuring Millennium Falcon cufflinks and Darth Vader socks. His light hearted additions were certainly a pleasing showing of his personality.

The Alternative Look – Chris Rock, Ryan Gosling & Eddie Redmayne

We saw a countless number of black ties and black dinner suits, so the alternatives looks really did stand out. A few of our favourites included Chris Rock and Ryan Gosling’s added inclusion of white, along with Eddie Redmayne’s velvet suit.

Host of the show Chris Rock not only brightened up the event with his typically high energy humour but he also successfully switched up his look by opting for a white blazer. Meanwhile Ryan Gosling also stood out with a bold move in which he incorporated a white bow tie into his look.

We don’t often suggest messing around too much with the classic dinner suit look as it can effortlessly provide a debonair look. However if you are wanting to stand out in a crowd of dinner suits then you might want to consider changing your black tux or bow tie for white.

GQ’s best dressed man of 2015, Eddie Redmayne, didn’t fail to live to up expectations either, turning up in a velvet suit. We’ve seen him wear various materials and we love the fact he isn’t shy of trying new things, but who would be when you pull it off that well. Once more this demonstrates a great way of standing out from the crowd.

Beyond the Alternative Look – Pharrell Williams

Going beyond the alternative look is something we don’t really recommend, but we had to give a mention to this particular getup. Now you may have heard us mention the importance of having the right trouser length and break at the ankles, however there is the odd occasion where all of that gets thrown out of the window (and by odd we mean when it comes to one man only, Pharrell Williams). He turned up on the red carpet wearing the usual blazer and bow tie, however it was accompanied by rolled up trousers revealing his sockless ankles. Now we can admit it’s a look we’d be against 99% of the time but it just seemed to suit the music maverick down to a tee.

We wouldn’t recommend you even think about attempting to emulate Pharrell’s up turned trouser look but it is a demonstration of occasionally breaking the mould and trying something daring.

When it all goes wrong – Jared Leto & Kevin Hart

Leading on from the previous point of trying something daring, it would be reckless of us to not mention that you should do it with caution. There’s a fine line between pushing the style boundaries and getting it all wrong, and for us Jared Leto and Kevin Hart unfortunately fall into the latter.

Both men opted for black tuxedos however they featured a lining which just didn’t compliment the look for the night. Kevin Hart’s suit featured black rhinestones along the lapels while Jared Leto’s Gucci suit was lined with a contrasting red on the sleeves and lapels – resembling a costume out of the Tron movie more than a sleek dinner suit. While they can be commended for trying to stand out, this for us was a clear case of where being brave simply went bad.

Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
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